Student Learning Assessment Report (SLAR) Template

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Investigation Topic:  [What was investigated?  i.e. Oral Communication Skills, Sequencing of courses, Effectiveness of Internship]

  • The objective of this Student Learning Assessment was [to evaluate the effectiveness of ….]
Rationale: [Why was this important.]

  • This topic was chosen because
Assessment Methods and Schedule: (What data was reviewed and when was it reviewed)


  • [What will be done and when. i.e. Focus group (Fall 2011), Graduate Student Exit Survey (Spring 2012), portfolio review, review student work, compare/interpret results, report]
Description of Assessment Methods: 

[For instance: Student Portfolios: A sample of students’ work in NAME OF COURSE was compiled in student portfolios.  Rubrics were developed by WHO DEVELOPED THEM (attached) to evaluate the assignments. These portfolios were reviewed and analyzed by two faculty members in order to assess the identified SLOs.

Assessment Team:  Assessment was overseen by NAME who was appointed by the Program Chair. NAME and NAME participated in the review.  The team prepared a report and circulated it to faculty for input (or The report was reviewed during a faculty meeting on DATE.)

[For direct evidence assessments:  For instance: The Associate Dean appointed FACULTY to form a subcommittee to conduct the assessment.   They will be responsible for writing the first draft which will then be circulated among program faculty for feedback.
For indirect evidence assessment: For instance: The Program Chair worked with the IRO Manager to develop and conduct appropriate surveys and focus group. A report was reviewed, revised, and approved during the January faculty meeting.]

What do the results say?

[This section should fully describe results.]

Closing the Loop: What will your program do with the results? What is your action plan? Findings from various assessment methods  will be integrated and  used to: [How will /might the results be used:]

Where there any surprises?