Course Syllabi Development Template & Checklist

A course syllabus is a basic assessment tool that defines the educator’s expectations from the students, clarifies the student learning objectives, the assignments for the course and how they are assessed, and how they contribute to meeting the student learning objectives.  A syllabus is a guide to the course both for the students and the educator.  It also lays out course policies, rules and regulations, as well as a list and schedule of assignments. The syllabus has to be in line with the AUA mission and policies. Click on the link below to access the Course Development Template.  Course Syllabus Template


An effective syllabus sets the tone for your entire course. It is a promise that having attended your course students will develop skills, abilities and qualities that they could not have developed otherwise. So, the central questions that guides the creation of your course syllabus is: What do you want to communicate to the students about the course that you teach? How will you encourage students’ curiosity to develop the necessary skills and qualities? Check the document below on  Approaches to Planning and Revising Course Syllabus for some guiding questions as you review and reflect on your course design. Approaches to Planning and Revising Course Syllabus